July 12, 2024

Hand Made Chocolate

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Hand Made Chocolate Truffles

“Thanks everyone for a wonderful Fall through Spring chocolate season! As usual, Iti Biti will be taking time off after Mothers Day, but will return in late September or early October. Look for new flavors along with your favorites! See you in the Fall!”

iti biti in size, enormous in flavor!

Small Batch Chocolates

Something For Everyone

Small batches mean fresh, just for you. I source the very best chocolate for my truffles. Whether creamy milk chocolate, intense dark, buttery white, or something in between, each center is then blended with fresh cream and all-natural flavorings and infusions to create a gastronomical delight. Each piece is then enrobed in a robust dark couverture, creating a delightful snap just before you slide into a smooth velvety ganache.
Take your time. It’s your moment.

Chocolate, For The Sweetest Moments In Life

Available in eight or sixteen-piece collections.

Choices are limited to availability. Other flavors are available from time to time.

Cocoa Noir

Cocoa Noir Truffles, Chocolate Lovers

Bold, rich dark on dark. The gold standard of truffles!

What's Your Pleasure?

Cocoa Latte

Cocoa Latte Truffles, Chocolate

Creamy milk chocolate center wrapped in dark couverture. Cocoa Latte Truffles. Decadently delicious.

Lemon Curd

Lemon Curd Truffles

Locally sourced ingredients go into this one, with real lemon juice to flavor the first quality Belgian white chocolate in exactly the right proportion. One of my most requested originals.


Chocolate Espresso Truffles, Chocolate Lovers

A coffee drinker’s favorite, Italian espresso flavors this dark chocolate piece, inside and out. Slight bitterness on the tongue always finishes sweet with this one.

Bitter Orange

Bitter Orange, chocolate-truffles, Fruit Lovers

Herbal notes coupled with the fresh taste of natural orange make this dark chocolate piece a must-have!


Champagne Truffles

The name says it all, a dark piece flavored with just the right amount of bubbly. Dusted with silvered sugar.

Hickory Thyme

Hickory Thyme Truffles

Milk chocolate flavored with a smoky herbal infusion. Finished with a few grains of Himalayan salt. Amazing!

Creme De Vigne

Creme De Vigne Truffle, Fruit lovers

Notes of raspberry and black currant in a white chocolate ganache make this piece a true ‘cream of the vine.

Honey Bourbon

honey Bourbon Truffle, Home Made

A touch of genuine Kentucky bourbon and locally sourced honey give this truffle a special flavor all its own!


“ What you see before you, my friend, is the result of a lifetime of chocolate.”

― Katharine Hepburn

Proudly Made In West Virginia