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Palmdale, California Currently raising American Chinchillas, New Zealands, Californians for meat and show. Our names are Ilianna, Elissa, Maddie, and Kaitlyn. (818)359-9032, Jessica Van Dyken Concord , California Netherland Dwarf I do a lot of different varietys in Mini Rex but mainly do Otters. This breed is also known as the California White rabbit since it has a completely white coat and dark markings. Thank you so much ! French Angoras BV Rabbitry in El Dorado. They are all groomed, potty trained, and socialized. New Zealand/California Cross I give discounts to 4-h, and FFA, because I was in both as a youth exhibitor. Caseys Bunnies Rabbitry We raise Americans, Blue and White, Californian, Palamino rabbits for meat and fur. Silver Fox, Champagne dargent, Beverens (blue, White, black) Mini Rex, Califronian, Flemish, Mix Breed, Holland Lop Mom N Moregans Lops Champagne d Argent, American, American Sable, Creme DArgent, Californian, New Zealand, Havana, Mini Rex, Lionhead 530.782.8138, Allison Hagen Kennedy Roadie Roo Rabbits I breed 2 Varities of English Spots: Black and Blue. We are members of the American Rabbit Breeders Association & the American Netherland Dwarf Rabbit Breeders Association. Turlock, California In the early 1920s, George West in Southern California created this breed. Mini Rex Little Bunny Foo Foo Netherland Dwarf, Lion Head Bunnies 4 Sale! I have new born up to 2 years old that are all white and I sell for pets, meat or breeding. Benicia Bunnies Rabbitry There is an adoption application that must be filled out before adopting one of our bunnies. Santa Cruz, California I am a very small rabbitry. Holland Lops, Netherland Dwarfs, Mini Rex elementalrabbitry@gmail.com tastetherainbow.jvd@gmail.com, David and Sandra Roe Be sure to check out raising rabbits article and resource page for information about Raising Rabbits in California. Breeder of French Angoras. I give discounts to 4-h, and FFA, mainly because I am in both. Redondo Beach, California Grand Champion line bunnies for pets, 4H, FFA, ARBA shows, or breeding into your meat lines for bigger faster growing rabbits. Whitehall2008@hotmail.com, Claudia Wolff Holland Lop, Mini Lops, Fuzzy Lops Hope to hear from you! (831)429-1032, Ashlyn Ballenger Cuciz Ranch Rabbits loren@hopskipthump.com (916)767-3817 Mad River Manes Sather Ranch Rabbitry Holland Lop Very docile with good mothering abilities. Im also a member of 4-H. Tiff and Toms Rabbitry Blue, Blacks, and Brokens. Located on the Mendocino Coast, just north of Fort Bragg. Breed otters, selfs,brokens, and hopefully soon tris kleinhof5@gmail.com camifoxfirefarms@yahoo.com, Kellie Lynch I own a rabbitry called Ramirez Californians. Select babies a re keep for showing. Holland Lop If you don't find any local listings below, be sure to check out our California Rabbit Breeders page. Since our winters are relatively mild I only use space heaters as required for new born bunnies. The Big Fat Rabbitat in San Jacinto. myork1250@gmail.com Cali Girl Farms Rabbitry Our main breed is Holland Lops. They are a rare breed at number 10 on the Rare Breed list. We have a variety of breeds carry Holland lop, Rex, Dwarf and American domestic. We are currently expanding a lot, so check back often. Ukiah, California Redding, California New Zealand, American, American Chinchilla I have a small rabbitry, I raise rabbits for F.F.A. We have a great stock of rabbits from great lines. We breed for excellent fiber quality and personality. NarleyNetherlands@hotmail.com, Krystian White Blue Belgian Hare We are a small rabbitry in California; Los Angeles area. I raise Standard Rex rabbits on the Central California Coast. American Chinchilla, American Taelorr@ymail.com, Charlotte Jewell Escondido, California We have 2 males and 3 females, with 6 kits at the moment. We aim to learn as much as we can and love our babies. davidroe2003@hotmail.com Flemish Giants (Fawn and Sandy) These are the only lion heads I will ever be selling, for now on I am only selling holland lips. adothe3rd@gmail.com Sisters Heritage Farms Janns Silver Lining Rabbitry We take pride in our rabbits, they are truly family members, as treated as so, not as trophys in a cage. The Flying Bunny Farm Rabbitry (647)705-1704, Hope H I live in California in LA and I want to get a netherwland dwarf preferably a female baby but if its a male Ill gladly take him to my price range is from 20-50 and thats as far as Ill go. preciousbunnybuns@gmail.com, Marylu Schz Winton , California Our rabbits are cared for and loved as a family, they get their daily exercise in their play pen and are pet daily. holland.edwards2010@gmail.com Soft, fluffy fur, small breed rabbit, no larger than 6 lbs. I am now breeding tris in mini Rex and Rex. Californian, Lionhead Netherland Dwarfs, New Zealand I have been working to interbred with Mini Lopp and Wild Rabbits with little success. Currently breeding unpedigreed Rex and Rex crossbreds as pets/meat. Our adult rabbits are vaccinated, potty trained and with good temperaments. Breeds Fawn and Sandy Mini Rex English Angora Dixon, California ABC Rabbitry Rabbits for Sale in California - find bunnies for sale in California using our California Rabbit Classifieds or post your own classified ad today. Prices are: $30 Pet, $40 Show/brood, $50-70 shown/winning rabbit.Other rabbit products are listed on our website. I have been raising rabbits since 2007. They Californian Rabbit breed is about the second most popular rabbit breed in the United States behind the New Zealand White rabbit breed. A small rabbitry with more than half of breeding stock Grand Champions. I breed Siamese Sables, Sable Point, Black & Blue Tort, Blue, Black & Ruby Eyed Whites. paulfickas@gmail.com They are adorable tiny rabbits with great temperaments and . My first litter has arrived and they are gorgeous! Mini Rex IG awwsocalbunnies I am member of ARBA & have been in this hooby for 10 years. To find us on facebook, type in Lops of Love Rabbitry in the search bar. Just Struttin Holland Lops The California breed comes in only one standard variety. I breed my rabbits as continuously as I can. We are registered with the American Rabbit Breeders Association. Usually we sell young breeding stock to folks who want to raise healthy meat for their table. LovelyLopsRabbitry@gmail.com (209) 588-1262, Cali Girl Farms Netherland Dwarfs (Agouti, BEW, brown, black, and gray color varieties) Apple Valley, California Hopscotch Buns melanieoharas@gmail.com I usually have fryers ready for purchase and some breeding stock. camscritters541@gmail.com Tiff and Toms Rabbitry is a small family run Rabbitry. She had caught the Holland Fever! Mini Lops I would like something nearby and to be able to see the bunny and get to spend a little time with him thankyou I raise show quality French Angora and Mini Lop rabbits. American Chinchilla Rabbit-Ridge Rabbit Ridge is a small home-based rabbitry in Napa, California. (530)848-9330, Lorraine Damiano Lionheads, Mini Rex This breed makes great pets too! Hello i raise New Zealand Reds and Broken Red New Zealands. (209) 509-8886, Lynn Romano My rabbitry is a fun hobby. Sraspolish101@hotmail.com, Jarred Navarro Velveteen Lops Reigning Rabbits Ryans Rabbit Farm TEAAs Rabbitry We really love these rabbits as they have so many uses! 951 351 4333, Michelle Johnson All are pedigree and come from stock from 3Bs rabbits Barbie Browns Bunnies and have Calloway background. lkirbysh@yahoo.com, Shannon Petersen I breed netherlands in small round compact sizes, also in rare colors that are hard to come by. Breeder Listing The ARBA Breeder List represents only those who have purchased this service. Rabbit breeds: American Rex, New Zealand, Holland lops and Netherland dwarfs. Hampton Rabbitry We have a variety of colors. Spark Rabbitry We never use chemicals, hormones or antibiotics in our meat rabbits. Rubyeyedrabbits@gmail.com, Kendall Kaing Meat Pen / ARBA Convention / San Diego 2097282857, Louis Moses We also believe that all parts of an animal should be used. Purebred Holland Lop bunnies Available! We are a small family rabbitry located in Citrus Heights, California. Barstow , California Galt, California (707)490-8541, Ken Lorrah For Lionheads Im mainly focusing on broken, chocolates, Siamese sables and pointed Whites. Our rabbits are socialized and made part of the family right from the start. We are specializing in Mini lops in the chinchilla and Agouti colors but also have other colors. Also have Himalayans in Black, Blue, Chocolate and Lilac. We are working on colors project including Sable Points mostly. I dont have one They are all used to other animals and children. Mini Rex, Lionhead Diamond Springs, California Kitten1027@gmail.com Norco, California Ivory Farms Rabbitry Consider the beautiful rare Beverens. GDF Rabbitry Registered member of the ARBA and ANDRC. Netherland Dwarf New Zealand, Californian, Champagne d'Argent, Silver Fox, Beveren, Florida White, and Cinnamon rabbits are just a few of the breeds listed. American Fort Bragg, California Rita Culpapper redwoodmenagerie@yahoo.com Occasionally working to re-home other rabbit breeds. I have rabbits available at many times of the year please visit my facebook page at dukesfancyrabbitry for available rabbits. Can be used for showing for kids that is starting 4-H or for pets. New Zealand (661)748-1780, April Ranney (209)331-4499, Laura Orosco Shasta Garden Rabbitry He is listed in Guinnesss book of World Records. heidinorman333@gmail.com Breeds Californians for local county fairs and meat consumption. (951)858-5467, Jennifer Avina My name is Lindsey, Me and my Mom raise and breed Mini lop rabbits for 4H. I am a member of ARBA and our local FFA and 4-H chapeters. Jennies Rabbits I handle every rabbit from the day it is born, so they are very sociable and gentle. wmagick17@gmail.com, Margo Lister Thinking about starting raising rabbits for pets, show, 4H, FFA, or meat? Mini Rex I have 5 silver fox rabbits 5 weeks old and my second female just had a litter yesterday of 6 kits the male we are breeding with is fully pedigreed while the two females are half pedigreed beautiful strong babies are available now 50$ each We have been raising rabbits for 7 years, and as the head/owner of Lost Brundage Rabbitry I am a member of the ARBA (as a youth) and I am in 4H. (559)676-6157, Mary Jaens Mini Rex Large custom rabbit enclosures called rabbit hutches were built to house my rabbits and keep them safe from predators. It measures 7ft wide x 31ft long. S & S Ranch Stillwater Rabbitry We raise American Chinchilla rabbits for show, fun and yum! We are a small but growing rabbitry in Los Angeles. Blue I have a 2.5 yr old female french lop. Please contact us (text messages and/or emails are preferred) with what you are looking for and we will of course respond right away with the availability. We also purchase rabbits to improve our stock. Ultimately, we are very type-focused breeders and . Bauer Bunnies We specialize in pet quality Rex, Holland Lop, Rex/Lop mixed and Mini Rex. jlc6367@cox.net, Gerald Heberling Specializing in Endangered Breeds. roadie_roo@yahoo.com, Arianna Castillo We are registered members of the ARBA and our Rabbitry is also registered with the ARBA. Please contact me to see availability/upcoming litters. Abc Rabbitry USA Our bunnies will come with their pedigree/birth certificate, literature on the care and dietary needs of your new bunny, we also provide a sample of their diet for transitional purposes, toys, grooming items, and a limited health warranty. Redding, California There will be lots of adventures and fun times ahead! I am located in North Highlands, California which is just north of Sacramento, Ca. Im a small Rabbitry at the moment but planning on getting bigger as i build my breeding stock. Sunland, California We also are a rabbit rescue and always have mix bunnies available. In addition to being an experienced breeder we have also worked with some of the top veterinarians in Southern California! In lionheads we work mainly with the seal color, but have a few others from time to time. My rabbits are raised on locally milled 16% protein pellets and twice daily offerings of locally grown alfalfa, and bramuda hay and our own fresh garden veggies. All rabbits will be socialized with humans at a young age. LoisPaula@sbcglobal.net, Amy Duke Perris , California Fed only organic feed from a local supplier (Modesto Milling as sold by the BioFuel Oasis in Berkeley). Penryn, California I raise rabbits for meat, mostly for family and friends but I frequently have fryers ready for purchase and some breeding stock available. The majority of our rabbits have pedigrees and parents and grandparents have been entered in shows. Citrus Heights, California Norco , California Citrus Heights, California In our homestead we breed Californias, NewZealands, and Double Maned Lionhead with Netherland Dwarfs. Shogun Silkies & English Angora Farm Fort Bragg, California American Fuzzy Lops, Mini Lop, Californian, New Zealand Whites and Standard Rex This time everything worked out just fine! San Jose Rabbitry We enjoy raising Blue, Black, BEW, REW, Otters, Castors, Brokens, Chocolates, Lilac and other rare colors! Ferndale, California Estimated 10-25 holes but each rabbit is socialized and handled from birth so all are kid friendly and healthy. Red Hot Rabbits My bunnies are well taken care of and handled on a daily basis. Facebook: B & B Rabbitry's Facebook Breed: Lionheads, English Angoras & Holland lops Phone Number: (318) 208-7084 Email: Breanashamburger@gmail.com Owner: Breana Shamburger 3. cs3127@yahoo.com, Parker Wood Redhill Rabbitry (424)264-8937, Tina Jacobson 4087066542, Baeh Reah Golden Rabbitry Netherland Dwarf, Mini Lop, Lionhead Dwarf Lindseys Lovely Lops I have an interest in sustainable and healthy meat. They get to play in a large rabbit run in the sun on a rotational schedule. Orange, California Corralitos, California We raise tons of different breeds of bunnies. Holland Lop, American Fuzzy Lops Corcoran, California We are in the process of expanding our herd of Holland lops. Are you looking for a good source of rabbit for pet or meat? (559)377-9207, Jennifer Fleming Hello there, my name is Lina Ramirez. lopsoflove@comcast.net, Anthony Kao Riverbank, California Choosing Rex as our main breed. mdepriest717@yahoo.com My rabbitry is just getting started. descovichsavannah@yahoo.com Our rabbits are fodder-raised and allowed time out of the cage for exercise. Beccasbunnyranch@gmail.com, Karen Dukes westcentralrabbitry@gmail.com Los Angeles, California (916)600-0048, Sarah Sicotte I do not anticipate this since the same 6 people have been very commited for a few months. Breeding only the best Holland Lops possible. Princessrabbitry@gmail.com twomoonrabbitry@gmail.com Wilmington, California Rabbit Ridge is a small home-based rabbitry in Napa, California. They are also an excellent meat rabbit and have a beautiful coat known for the silvering and fur that stands up when brushed backwards. I breed pet and show quality bunnies. We have the cutest, rare colored tiny bunnies! Feel free to contact us anytime with questions! Hello my name is Allysa. Lion heads are great small rabbits they take some time to brush but they are great rabbits to have running around the house or even In a cage. Sandra has been raising and showing rabbits since early 1997. We have bred and shown rabbits off and on since 1996. We specialize in Jersey Wooly and Netherland Dwarfs. Small home rabbity located in Southern California. Californians, New Zealand Whites, Mini Rex, Americans (916) 628-8100, Jann Hall Please feel free to give us a call and well be happy to make time for you to come see our buns or refer you to fellow breeders who might have what you are looking for. contact dermatitis treatment cream, connie's moonlight clothing, bell county warrants,

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